My PMAD (Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder) Gets No Respect! Part One

Very important distinctions (from a pre-existing bipolar 1 patient who then developed postpartum psychosis).Great article by Dyane.

Birth of a New Brain


Happy Thursday, my friends! Thanks for stopping by!

Since 2013 I’ve abstained from writing this post because I worried it wouldn’t apply or appeal to most of you, even if you have bipolar disorder. But I decided to finally spill the beans. Why? Because it feels good, it’s free, and most importantly, there’s the chance this information may be relevant to a reader and make a positive difference. 

I have faith that my explanation of postpartum bipolar disorder (and how it’s ignored and misunderstood by the postpartum and bipolar communities) has merit, so I hope you’ll give this post a chance. 

So here goes – a little bit ‘o explanation – PPBD 101, if you will! 😉

My mood disorder is classified as postpartum bipolar disorder (PPBD); it’s sometimes also referred to as postpartum onset bipolar disorder. While I’m currently seeking a more recent statistic, in 2008 it was found in the…

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5 thoughts on “My PMAD (Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder) Gets No Respect! Part One

  1. Thanks again for the reblog! I hope your day is going well, and I plan on reading your latest posts tonight during the time I set aside to enjoy my fave blogs.

    I hope more people read this blog & retweet it. II seldom ask people to retweet my stuff. I always make an effort to retweet when asked. Today I asked (well, tweeted!) quite a few postpartum professionals I’ve supported or those I’ve admired from afar asking them to read & retweet the post. Unfortunately 99.9.% of them haven’t come through yet and I’m bummed. So the fact that you reblogged my post– a post I put so much of my heart into — has meant a great deal to me today! I’ll always be grateful to you for your encouragement & for “getting it”!! 🙂


    • It’s funny because I have been thinking a lot recently about how much my mental health deteriorated as a result of pregnancy and birth, yet since being discharged from hospital no one has asked me about it. Yet it is I am pretty sure the cause of why I am struggling again. Posts like yours are so vital in raising awareness of the very real risks to mental health and how to watch for the signs. You do an amazing job at pushing the message through 🙂 I am sure it will be tweeted – I don’t use Twitter much but I will retweet as well.

      • First of all, I’m so sorry you’re struggling again…that sucks that people aren’t talking to you about how you’re doing post-hospital – believe me, I get that one. I’ve been through it 7 times!!!!!

        I SWEAR I’m gonna get caught up with your blog as I want to know the latest….last night I wound up vegging out in front of my new addiction (“Mr. Selfridge”, a BBC series starring Jeremy Piven) instead of getting on my laptop.

        Anyway, thank you so much for your compliment. I know yesterday I was a pain in the ass on Twitter because I tweeted a ton to share my post with various important postpartum organizations and bigwig doctors etc. – I don’t know if there’s another less-obnoxious way to do it! Oh well. If people want to unfollow me, whatever – they can mute me too!

        I saw your lovely retweet and of course that made me very happy indeed! I feel guilty at times for plugging my health concern when there are so many other mental health injustices….some of them being such incredibly heartbreaking ones as you know, but I can’t keep quiet about this any longer! 🙂

        Thanks again for your wonderful reblog yesterday. I hope that things go much more smoothly for you VERY soon, dear demonic diva! You deserve a break!!!!! XOXO

      • Persevere Dyane – your message is a hugely important one. Think of all the women who fall under the radar. I always come back to that tragic case in Bristol, UK last year where a schizophrenic woman and her baby died. Shocking malpractice by the hospital – but staff not aware of even basic postnatal mental health signs. Unbelievable in this day and age. Lives are on the line. You do a fantastic job.

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