Hard work

I finally managed to get my mother on a plane out of here yesterday. It was the longest three days and not how I envisaged spending my daughter’s first birthday. Never again. A day in my mother’s distorted, over-critical and judgemental universe was very challenging. As was an afternoon of my mother in law’s usual overbearing manner towards my child.

It has left me angry and really exhausted. I can’t really write much for the next few days as I can barely put one foot in front of the other. Two rays or sunshine in this horrendous brain state that I am in is that we are moving home this week! And DH and I are having two days alone with each other. We are going to Rock am Ring. I am such a Dave Grohl groupie and am beyond excited. In a quiet, tired way. I will miss my baby awfully though. It is the first time I have left her overnight with someone aside from DH. So it will be a bit hard. But we badly need some time out.

So I wish you all a pleasant week and look forward to reading others’ blogs as usual đŸ™‚


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