I just wanted to post an advanced and retrospective apology for the quality of some of my posts. Normally I can only type on my phone rather than laptop as a certain little lady come and plays bashy bashy on the keyboard. It is almost impossible to edit them properly until I get a spare hour in the day. My phone is also useless so I have to publish them before being able to edit them on my laptop so it ends up in a big jumble of words and ridiculously long paragraphs all out of order.

Sometimes I also get so excited and I just want to put it out there then and then 😀

Thanks for bearing with me.  New phone in two weeks yay!


5 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. That was bashy bashy? Shit, I thought your style had just improved … *ducks and runs*

    Just kidding – you’re still v cool to read, stop worryin’ at once 🙂

    • Hehe it’s the perfectionist in me I think. Sometimes I read back and cringe when I see I’ve mentioned the same two words in one paragraph – shock horror – or even worse, abused an apostrophe! I’ll get over it 😀 thanks for the vote of support!

      • It’s not easy! And today I realized for the zillionith time that everything isn’t about me, which kinda sucks, as I’m a drama diva!!!! (((hugs)))) we gotta keep on supporting one another because every day is a challenge.

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