Contentment is…..

I have decided to try and post at least once a week things that make me happy or content. Sometimes the happy buzz from bipolar is overwhelming so I will go for contentment.

Every day I feel at peace whenever I pick my daughter up. Now she is a wiggle monster it’s hard to just hold her but we get our moments in.

But that’s not today’s contentment bringer otherwise I’d just be posting that every day! It comes in the form of something brown and white and fuzzy snuggled on my lap whilst enjoying an afternoon cuppa and biscuit all tucked into my dressing gown. A moment of still in the day as my daughter gets much needed sleep, and me and my pooch get some bonus cuddle time.

It’s hard on the dog having a baby in the house. Firstly he wasn’t allowed near her whilst she was being a potato and unable to move, and now she crawls all over the place he doesn’t get a moment’s peace as she adores him and chases him round the house with her grabby little hands. He has learned to either hide away in a safe place we made for him, or they play chase with each other (which is the most adorable thing I have ever seen) .

What is hard is giving him the level of cuddles we did prior to the baby’s arrival. He struggled as a result – heck we all did. So we make sure now to give him lots of attention which I try and do in the form of sits and snuggles on the sofa. I’ve posted before about pets as therapy and these scenarios are exactly that. In a day full of activity and noise, these quiet moments with just me and my dog are a thing to treasure 🙂



3 thoughts on “Contentment is…..

  1. Love this new idea of yours!
    If you check out my Gravatar image you’ll see why I love the topic you’ve written about here,
    i.e. your precious hound! (The baby is awesome too; don’t get me wrong!)

    • Your dog is beautiful 🙂 mine struggled a lot with the arrival of a baby but now plays with her lots. I forgot how good it was to give him a big hug. I wish we could have more than one but he is definitely only able to be the only dog.

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