Goodbye Samaritans Radar… hello Facebook report button


There’s no denying that suicide is a very real and serious problem. In 2013 over six thousand people in the UK took their own lives, a tragic figure which suicide prevention programmes rightly hope to reduce. But you might be surprised at just how common suicidal thoughts are among people who don’t go on to act on them. Research suggests that up to 17% of us will consider suicide at some point – that’s almost 11 million people in this country alone. I’m one of them; maybe you are too.

It’s this that has prompted Facebook, the world’s biggest social media platform, to introduce its own suicide prevention tool (interestingly Radar, the disastrous attempt at such a tool from the Samaritans, has finally been put to bed today). It makes sense; as more and more of us spend our lives online, more and more people are talking about suicidal thoughts…

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