Beginning at the beginning – bipolar and pregnancy

Welcome firstly to the start of my blog. My aim is to write about bipolar, being a woman, pregnancy, fertility, all the assorted stuff that goes with it and ultimately becoming a mum and motherhood itself. When I decided with DH (darling husband, I’ll be using that term a ton) to start trying to conceive,  I was reading up on bipolar and pregnancy and what it meant. You know what, there was really bugger all available which was quite disheartening. My main source were women who were bipolar and already blogging. But it’s like a black hole out there for information so my hope is that you lovely ladies have a resource here to come to and ask questions of to find out more from each other.

A bit about me before I continue; I’m in my mid-30s, British by origin but lived all over the world. My current nesting place is in the Netherlands where my DH comes from. I was diagnosed here, and have received nothing but wonderful, wonderful care from the mental health teams here. It is a major factor in our deciding to stay in this country rather than move back to the UK. The system here hasn’t failed me yet, whilst in the UK I fell through the net on more occasions than I care to remember.

DH and I started trying to conceive around two and a half years ago. I was like many women, assuming all would be fine and I would fall pregnant straight away. How wrong I was. After numerous tests, researching desperately for some answers, I still wasn’t pregnant by the end of 2012. Then, a miracle seemed to occur and by February last year I tested positive. My life as I knew it ended five days after testing positive with a miscarriage. I will talk about that some other time, but suffice to say it was the end of my world. Fast forward through numerous tests and blood screenings and it emerged I had severe hypothyroidism in July 2013. Six weeks later, in October 2013 after being on medication for my thyroid I tested positive again. As I sit and type now I’m 23 weeks pregnant with a little girl and feeling her kick and move inside me is just awe inspiring. My life will change again in June when she arrives with us.

Just from those two paragraphs above will I hope come a wealth of information over the coming months and weeks from my experiences getting to this stage. And just think, there’s so much to share and discuss and the baby is not even here yet!

Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to hearing people’s comments and discussions in the future 🙂


5 thoughts on “Beginning at the beginning – bipolar and pregnancy

  1. I wonder if it’s strange I like you blog, although it centers around pregnancy, i.e., something I’ll never experience. I also like the stuff about Bipolar being a sufferer myself. Have you been writing long?

    • I have been writing professionally for many years as part of my work, although this is my first serious attempt at non-work related writing. It’s quite a challenge!

      Men and women are affected by pregnancy and the huge changes that happen during those nine months. Men equally are as affected by the whole trying to conceive business which, if there are problems, can be devastating for both. I hope I write in a way which informs men of what their other halves might be thinking or going through so it’s good to hear from a guy that it is informative 🙂

      • Honestly, it shows you write professionally. You originally read as an academic expert in your field or something until I noticed personal stuff in your posts 🙂

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